Deposit: "Kudur"
Location: Russian Federation, Republic of Buryatia, Bauntovsky Evenk
Area: 98.54 km2
Minerals: gold from primary (ore) deposits
Reserves: exploration required

The licensed subsoil area "Kudur" is located in the interfluve of the upper reaches of the river. Kudur Tsipinsky and Voimakan, right tributaries of the river.
Distance from the subsoil site to the center of the Bauntovsky Evenk district with Bagdarin, the nearest settlement, is 140 km away. The village of Bagdarin is connected with the cities of Ulan-Ude and Chita by roads of the III - II class. Distance from the village Bagdarin to Chita - 330 km, to Ulan-Ude - 620 km.
Communication routes in the work area are poorly developed. Along the large rivers, there are trails where there are single hunting winter quarters. In the summer, communication with the subsoil area is possible only by tracked all-terrain vehicles and a helicopter. In wintertime, on the auto-winter road by off-road vehicles.

As a result of the conducted, in the course of surveying and prospecting work for gold (breakdowns of quartz bodies, hydrothermally-metasomatically altered rocks, rocks with sulfide mineralization were tested), schlich flows, lithochemical halos, and close points of gold were identified, some of which were negatively assessed during detailing, checking the other part together with searches in the process of geological survey routes led to the identification of promising occurrences and points of gold mineralization, as well as local areas with direct and indirect signs.

This assessment is due to the wide development within its boundaries of development fields of quartz veins and stockwork-like quartz-veinlet silicification zones in zones of mylonitization, intense fracturing and hydrothermal-metasomatic development of intrusive and metamorphic rocks, in which gold sulfide mineralization with high average contents is localized, which is within 5 -10 g / t.

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